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Summit Helicopters LTD

27 Yellowknife Airport, 100 Dickens Street
Yellowknife, X1A 3T2
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Aerial film work requires excellent aircrew and film-crew collaboration, coupled with Summit's fleet, which can be configured to match your camera equipment and film or photography style. We can work with you to prive the desired product efficiently. We have experience with aerial photography using hand-held cameras and aircraft mounted cameras, as well as aerial cinematography using a nose-mounted Cineflex. We offer a variety of aircraft including the Bell 206B, Bell 206L4, Bell 206LR, Bell 407, Bell 412, Hughes 500D, and Sikorsky S-76.


Our Film Industry experience includes:


-Wild Year Productions/ CBC- Bell 206LR with Cineflex camera attached to anterior for filming;

-Contracted to carry a film crew as they captured caribou migration for the documentary "Wild Canada", presented by CBC's The Nature of Things

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