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How does the Northwest Territories Film Commission support commercial film and media in the NWT? Check out this infographic to find out.

Self-employed film producers in the NWT are eligible to apply for funding as entrepreneurs under the GNWT’s Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (SEED) Program.

  • Film Development: Up to $10,000 a year to cover small production, trailer or pitch production costs.
  • Distribution and Promotion: up to $25,000 a year to cover promoting costs.
  • Production: Up to $25,000 a year to support commercial media productions.  
  • Special Partnerships: Up to $25,000 a year to support stakeholder partnerships.

Learn more about the funding schedule here or read an FAQ on the program. Application forms can be found here.


This program offers financial incentives to productions filming on location in the NWT. Program categories include 25 to 40 per cent cash rebate for the purchase of good and services, travel to and within NWT, and wages for training and hiring local residents, particularly in film industry positions. To encourage production across the territory, the program also provides increased incentive for productions filming outside of Yellowknife.

For more information please read NWT Film Commission’s Program Guide and Application Form.

This pilot program supports NWT producers at the pre-development and development stages developing professional quality commercial projects to the point that they can be presented to broadcasters and other financiers.

Program Categories:

  • Pre-Development: up to $10,000 for expenses such as: Producer, script writer, or script editor fees, option fees or acquisition of rights, production of pitching materials etc.
  • Development: up to $25,000 for expenses such as: Location scouting, development of marketing plan and budget, operational overhead etc.

Learn more about the program here or read an FAQ on the program. Application forms can be found here. Note: This program is currently inactive and not accepting applications.


The NWT Film Suppliers Guide is a resource that the NWT Film Commission uses to promote local professionals, businesses and organizations based in the NWT that provide products and services to film productions filming on location in the NWT. To join our Suppliers Guide, simply fill out a registration form.

The Locations Library is our online image gallery of areas across NWT to help you scout the location for your next project.

Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) is a non-profit arts organization with a mission is to produce, support, showcase and promote film, video, and digital media throughout the NWT. WAMP hosts technical workshops and programming throughout the year and are the presenters of the annual Yellowknife International Film Festival. WAMP also manages an inventory of gear and equipment available for members to rent. 

The Northwest Territories Professional Media Association (NWTPMA) is made up of industry professionals who work in the film, television and media industries within the NWT with a mandate to create a sustainable media industry that generates economy in the NWT. 

NWT Film Strategy

The Government of the Northwest Territories has released a new five-year strategy to guide initiatives and investments in support of the NWT's film and media sector. Rolling, Action! The Next 5 Years: NWT Film and Media Sector Strategy and Action Plan (2021-2026) Rolling, Action! outlines 15 actions and investments in three focus areas:

  • Managing and improving our programming;
  • Showcasing and promoting our film and media sector; and,
  • Developing skills and collaborating.

These focus areas and actions are designed to achieve identified short and medium-term outcomes on the way to establishing the NWT’s film and media sector as a distinct contributor to diversifying the NWT economy. 

The  Northwest Territories Film Commission (NWTFC), in consultation with the NWT Professional Media Association (NWTPMA), completed a number of engagement methods to gather input from individuals, organizations and communities engaged in the NWT film and media sector to inform the development of Rolling, Action! which were compiled into the  2020 NWT Film and Media Sector Stakeholder Engagement Report.

Social Media

Keep up-to-date with the latest film events, news, job opportunities and buzz in the NWT film industry by following us and using the hashtag #NWTfilmSee social media links at the bottom of the page.