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Arbour, Fort Liard, Dehcho Region

Aboriginal Land Info

The Northwest Territories is the homeland of Aboriginal peoples – the Dene (DEN-aye), the Inuvialuit (In-oo-vee-a-loo-weet) and Métis - who have inhabited this vast region for thousands of years and share a deep and abiding connection to the land. 
There are four modern-day treaties that define the rules for land use in certain areas of the territory:

  • the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
  • the Gwich'in Settlement Area
  • the Sahtu Settlement Area
  • Area for the Tłįchǫ Agreement that is comprised of the Monfwi Gogha Denitlee (traditional use) area and Wek'èezhìi (resource management) area.


Any activities that take place on traditional lands require authorization by the local governing authority. (see Community contacts list below).


We are happy to work with producers and location managers to assist with gaining permission to film in these areas.


List of NWT Communities