See "Filming In the Cold" by Terry Woolf


Weather in the Northwest Territories is rated tops in Canada for sunniest spring, sunniest summer, and second in such categories as driest winter air, longest snow cover season and more snow than rain. Of course, we also rate second for most cold days, and most high wind chill days.  The best news is we rate last for wettest weather.


But climate is not all about temperature and precipitation. In our vast landscape we have a huge sky, where fascinating and awe inspiring natural phenomena occur. There’s the aurora borealis, sun dogs, mirages - even white outs and blizzards.


We are ‘the Land of the Midnight Sun’ with 24-hour daylight in the summer and low precipitation, shooting days can literally be endless.  In the winter months, however, days are shorter.  In fact, in some communities the sun does not rise at all and the average temperature can drop below minus 40 Degrees Celsius.


If you are thinking about filming in the winter it is crucial that your equipment is suitable to withstand these temperatures. We can connect you with local skilled professionals for advice. (Filming In the Cold).  Keep in mind, weather gets increasingly unpredictable the further north you go, and can result in long layovers and limited flights in and out of our communities.   


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