NWT Film Commission Mandate


The Northwest Territories Film Commission is a branch of the territorial government and was established in 1999. The primary role of the Commission is to promote the NWT as an ultimate production location for feature films, commercials, documentaries, television programs, and still shoots. Our staff will be happy to act as your liaison through every phase of your production.


"To maximize economic opportunities for Northwest Territories residents and businesses participating in the Film and Media Arts Industry, and to promote the NWT as an ultimate production location".


This Mandate will be achieved by pursuing the following objectives:


•  Support and develop the growth of the NWT Film Industry using sound business principles in areas of funding, marketing, promotion and sector development.


•  Promote the NWT to National and International film markets as the true northern production destination.


•  Serve as a liaison between industry, organizations and Government to foster the development of business partnerships.


•  Provide appropriate information on funding and opportunities available to industry.


•  Assist in the development of local creative talent necessary to sustain industry growth.



See NWT Film Strategy