Local Industry


This site is designed, not only to attract the film industry to our Territory but, to help support, promote and grow our film and media arts industry here at home.


In this section you will find information on initiatives and resources to help further your career in this exciting industry and help turn your ideas into completed projects.



NWT Film Suppliers Guide
This is a listing of resident individuals, businesses and organizations that can provide specific areas of expertise, products and services to assist film productions on location in the NWT. The listings are free of charge.


The NWT Film Commission uses its suppliers guide as a tool to, both promote local industry members and, attract interest from projects reliant on local talent.


To list your business or organization in the Guide please complete this registration form.  

Locations Library
Our online locations image gallery has a wide selection of photos to assist you in scouting that pefect a location for your next project.   


Bulletin Board
This is a great resource to post and read film-related events. Look for training announcements, crew and casting calls, and other opportunities. If you would like to post something, please send it our way and we will include it.