NWT Film Strategy

The NWT Economic Opportunities Strategy included a recommendation to develop and implement an NWT film strategy in support of the film industry.


In 2013/2014, Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) received a funding contribution from the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency's Targeted Investment Program towards the development of an NWT film sector strategy to be created in three phases:

Phase 1- Development of NWT Film Analysis and Recommended Action Plan.

Phase II - Development of NWT Film Strategy and Action Plan.

Phase Ill - Implementation of NWT Film Strategy Action Plan.


Following a request for proposal process a contract was awarded to Nordicity, a consulting firm that specializes in policy, strategy, and economic analysis in the media and creative technology sectors, to develop an analysis and action plan for the NWT film industry.


Nordicity completed the report titled, "A Sector Analysis and Action Plan for Screen Based Media Production in the NWT". Input was gathered through interviews and online surveys with the Departments of Education, Culture and Employment (EGE) and ITI, local industry, past/current guest productions and stakeholders. A meeting was also conducted by the NWT Professional Media Association (NWTPMA) to ensure the findings were comprehensive in scope lending a balanced perspective to the report. In December 2014, Nordicity presented the report to ITI, ECE and stakeholders including the NWTPMA and NWT Tourism.


In direct response to the Nordicity report, the film strategy titled, 'Take One: NWT Film Strategy and Action Plan' (the Strategy) has been developed. The Strategy is built upon five key objectives to:


1) Strengthen government/industry roles and partnerships;

2) Enhance funding and financial support;

3) Create training opportunities;

4) Assist in building infrastructure, below-the-line crews and support services; and

5) Develop efficient and effective marketing and communications.


A series of recommended actions are provided for each of the five objectives. The timely completion and implementation of these recommendations will allow the Government of the Northwest Territories to achieve its strategic vision in partnership with stakeholders over the next five years.

Download a PDF of  TAKE ONE: NWT Film Strategy and Action Plan / Stratégie et plan d’action des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (TNO) sur l’industrie du cinéma